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Multistage Pumps efficiently achieve high pressure & flow at lower power usage with very quiet running. This pump is suitable for Low Pressure or Small-Medium Size Homes: 1-2 bathrooms. This is a Three Phase Pump.  Single Phase is available here.

Pump & Purify Multistage pumps have been constructed to a proven design, using high quality metal components, and exacting manufacturing standards.

Use Multistage Pumps in pressure systems delivering household water, irrigation, washing facilities, feeding troughs and many other applications.

This pump can have high pressure so you must ensure the high pressure will not detrimentally affect tapware, seals, pipes, fittings, appliances.  Alternatively, you may require a pressure reducing valve to be fitted.

We recommend that the pump and controller are plugged into a Belkin (or similar) Surge Protection device. RCD's in the power board may not provide sufficient protection from brown-outs, black-outs and power surges.

We also recommend that a pre-filter is installed inline prior to the pump suction to avoid debris being sucked into the impellers and causing damage.

Technical Information


  • Max Discharge 55m Head
  • Max Pressure 78 PSI (Equivalent to Mains)
  • Max Flow +116LPM
  • Max Suction Life 6m (with Non Return Valve installed - not self priming)

Operation Parameters

  • 1.1kW Three Phase Motor
  • Liquid Temperature: 0-70 °C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Enclosure Class:  IP55
  • Insulation Class:  F
  • Duty Rating:  Continuous Duty
  • Inlet:  1.25"
  • Outlet: 1"

Download a Technical Data Sheet here 

Construction Materials

  • Mechanical seal: Machine made carbon/Sic/EPDM
  • AISI304 Stainless steel suction and discharge chambers
  • AISI304 Stainless steel impellers and stages
  • Low noise bearings and AISI304 Stainless Steel motor shaft
  • Built in thermal overload protection
  • 1.5 metre power cable with a 15 Amp plug 
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty.  See Warranty Terms