Water Pumps and Water Filtration Systems


1.This warranty applies to PUMP & PURIFY products where the purchaser acquires the products from this website or in person from Pump & Purify for his/her own use and not for purpose of re-supply. Pump & Purify products purchased as part of other manufacturers’ systems are not covered by this consumer warranty. This warranty is in addition to any rights and remedies that the purchaser may have under the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 (CGA) and other laws.

2. Pump & Purify warrants that the products are free from defects. A product is defective if it is not delivered in accordance with the agreement of the parties due to faulty material, design or workmanship.

Not covered by the warranty is damage due to ordinary wear and tear; use of the product for applications for which they are not intended; modifications, alterations or repair of the product undertaken by the Purchaser or a third party (not acting on PUMP & PURIFY’s behalf); failure to follow PUMP & PURIFY’s instructions (whether oral or in writing); installation, commissioning, operation (e.g. use of the product outside its specifications) or maintenance not in accordance with PUMP & PURIFY’s installation-, operation-, maintenance- or service manual; use of faulty or inadequate ancillary equipment in conjunction with the product; the application of spare parts of poor quality (excluding the application of any PUMP & PURIFY’s original spare parts); accidental or wilful damage or misuse of the product by Purchaser or third party (not acting on PUMP & PURIFY’s behalf); and Purchaser/end user’s or its own product’s non-compliance with applicable law and regulation.

3. PUMP & PURIFY is not responsible for the design of the hydraulic systems in which the product is installed, and, therefore, cannot guarantee the product will be able to meet its specifications in the actual application. Material compatibility is not the responsibility of PUMP & PURIFY.

4. The terms of this warranty policy may be inconsistent with the warranty statement in the product manual. To the extent of any inconsistency, the terms of this warranty shall prevail.


5. This is a limited manufacturer’s warranty specified on the product description from the date of purchase.

6. In case of remedy of defects, the warranty period related to the product as such remains the same after remedy, however:

a) if part of a product is repaired or replaced, the warranty period concerning such repaired/replacement parts is 12 (twelve) months from the date of repair or replacement; and b) if the whole product as such (e.g. a pump) is replaced, a new warranty period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of replacement.


7. To make a warranty claim, please email us at sales@pumpandpurify.co.nz with "Warranty" in the subject line. Your email  should include a description of the problem, product number, serial number (if applicable), a date of purchase and a proof of purchase.

The defective product must be returned to PUMP & PURIFY  with a proof of purchase (if requested by PUMP & PURIFY).

If the Warranty Claim is accepted, PUMP & PURIFY will remedy defective (parts of) products by repairing or replacing (in whole or part) the defective (part of the) product within reasonable time depending on the nature of the defect.

8. Repair or replacement will be at PUMP & PURIFY's own cost, however:

a) All cost and expenses related to transport of (parts of) products from Purchaser’s site to PUMP & PURIFY as well as any costs and expenses for dismounting and mounting and de-/re-installation shall be at Purchaser’s account.

b) All cost and expenses related to transport of (parts of) products from PUMP & PURIFY back to Purchaser’s site shall be at PUMP & PURIFY'S cost if it shows that the product subject to repair or replacement, suffers from defects covered by PUMP & PURIFY's warranty.

c) All costs and expenses related to transport of (parts of) products to and from PUMP & PURIFY, as well as all costs related to repair or replacement shall be at Purchaser’s account, if it shows that the product subject to repair or replacement did not suffer from any defects covered by PUMP & PURIFY'S warranty. 

9. The product may not be disassembled prior to  remedy. Any failure to comply herewith will render the warranty null and void. PUMP & PURIFY reserves the right not to remedy products polluted by poisonous media or other liquids injurious to the environment or people.


10. PUMP & PURIFY'S products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Consumer Guarantee Act (CGA) 1993. Where a consumer has a right of redress against PUMP & PURIFY in accordance with CGA 1993 in respect of the failure of a product to comply with a guarantee, the consumer may exercise the following remedies:

(1) Where the failure cannot be remedied or is of a substantial character within the meaning of section 21 of CGA 1993, the consumer may reject the product and get a refund of any money paid for the defective product or obtain from PUMP & PURIFY damages in compensation for any reduction in value of the product below the price paid or payable by the consumer for the defective product.

11. To the extent the product is acquired for business needs, PUMP & PURIFY'S liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product.