Tank or Controller?

What are the benefits of a Pressure Tank?

  • Substantially reduces electric power consumption used by the pump
  • Eliminates unnecessary pump starts and therefore reduces wear on moving parts
  • Eliminates unnecessary low flow cycling (when you turn a tap on and off quickly or from a dripping tap) therefore prevents resulting burn outs
  • Eliminates pump body failures due to water hammer.

What are the benefits of a Controller?

  • Adjustable pressure switch
  • Dry run protection protects the pump from damage
  • Eliminates water hammer and protects plumbing by controlling the pressure
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Provides constant pressure

If you have a relatively easy delivery system, ie no elevation in your land between the pump and the house, simple taps in the house, then a controller can be the most efficient control type unless you want to reduce pump cycling. Also recommended on newer installations where it is less likely you will have drips or leaks that are hard to find and remedy.

If you have a more demanding installation with elevations, high pressure requirements, and or want to reduce cycling, then use a mechanical pressure switch and pressure tank.

Pressure tanks require quarterly maintenance, and may need re-pressurising. 

Controllers are more susceptible to power surges and fluctuations, so it is really important to install a Belkin Surge Protector with it.  Please do not rely on the RCD in your board.  It is insufficient protection.  You can purchase these on our Accessories page here