Tank or Controller?


Tank or Controller?

What are the benefits of a Pressure Tank?

  • Substantially reduces electric power consumption used by the pump
  • Eliminates unnecessary pump starts and therefore reduces wear on moving parts
  • Eliminates unnecessary low flow cycling (when you turn a tap on and off quickly or from a dripping tap) therefore prevents resulting burn outs
  • Eliminates pump body failures due to water hammer.

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What are the benefits of a Controller?

  • Adjustable pressure switch
  • Dry run protection protects the pump from damage
  • Eliminates water hammer and protects plumbing by controlling the pressure
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Provides constant pressure

Variable Speed Controllers are also available which run the pump at a lower RPM delivering the water demanded but by reducing the pump speed save power consumption and increase pump life. This is an intelligent device which will increase the pump speed if water demand increases, or reduce it if demand decreases, all the time keeping pressure constant.


You can use both and we recommend the use of a water hammer arrestor with a controller also.

Pumps should always be protected by power surge.