Typical Pump Flow Requirements

Download our chart to work out how many litres per minute you might use.

Consider how many of these water users will be operated at once to determine the total litres per minute you might need.

This is only a guideline as to what size pump you may need.

Please note that this doesn't necessarily determine the total requirements for your pump.  You need to consider other factors such as distance from water source to the house, elevation, pipe size and bends in the pipe system, all of which will create what is known as system friction and head loss. 

Small Cottage or Bach:  1 bathroom - 1-2 taps

15-20 litres per minute

Small Home:  1 bathroom, single storey - 2+ taps

30-40 litres per minute

 Medium Home:  1-2 bathrooms, single storey - 3-4 taps

40-50 litres per minute

 Larger Home:  2 bathrooms, 2 storey - 4+ taps

50-70 litres per minute

Large Home:  2+ bathrooms, 2 storey, multiple applicances - 5+ taps

70-110 litres per minute

 Very Large Building:  Multiple bathrooms, appliances and levels - 6+ taps

90-250 litres per minute

Click here to calculate detailed use with our  Flow chart