1.1kW Horizontal Multistage & optional Auto On/Off Controller

Multistage Pump & optional auto controller for house pressure systems, irrigation
Multiple impellers efficiently achieve high pressure & flow at lower power usage
Run 8 taps equivalent to mains pressure (50PSI)
Ensure high pressure will not detrimentally affect tapware, seals, pipes, fittings, appliances

Max Discharge 58m head
Max Pressure 82PSI
Max Flow +110LPM
Max suction lift 8m

Performance at 17LPM/55m head - 100LPM/33m head

Single Phase 

Working duty 17 l/pm at 55m head - 83 l/pm at 39m head

 AISI304 Stainless Steel impeller, diffuser, shaft

1.25" Inlet

1" Outlet  

8m Suction Lift

Water Temperature to 85 Deg Celsius