About Us

Pump & Purify is a specialty water pump and water filter e-shop committed to bringing you great product at great prices.

It stocks premier water pump and water filtration brand "Fluid" which has been in the New Zealand market now for over 10 years and is renowned for it's reliability and price competitiveness.

The Fluid brand comes from the best water pump and water filtration manufacturers and is a very high quality range.

Fluid's manufacturers display a commitment to quality, ensuring the products are safe, reliable and ethical business and sustainable manufacturing is their best practice.  These manufacturers have been operating for several decades and are strong competitors in Europe, Africa, Middle East, & South America manufacturing for other well known "big brands".  Up until now, they have been hiding away in the Northern Hemisphere and now its time to bring the best Down Under!

Pump & Purify is based in Auckland.  It's business commenced in 2010 and it started it's e-sales channel in 2012.  

What matters most to Pump & Purify is customer service, quality product, and great pricing.


Pump & Purify is proud to be a trusted Farmlands Card Partner.

Pump & Purify is 100% NZ Owned and Operated.