What does a Pump do?

Your pressure pump will deliver the water you have collected in your rain tank, or from a river or other source, to where you need to use it.  

Appropriately selected, the pump can provide the same pressure at the tap you would expect from town supply water.

It will be one of the most important pieces of equipment you will install in your entire house if you are on non-town supplied water, ie rain harvested, bore, river etc.

You can have all the fancy taps, rain shower heads and ice maker fridges you like, but if you don't have a pump that's up to the job, then it's all a waste of money!

Pumps are not created equal.

We are often asked where our pumps are made - for your information, yes it is Asia.  And before you turn away or say "oh" in a disappointed voice, please understand that almost all the world's pumps including the major well known brands, are now manufactured in Asia.  

Country of manufacture is not a reflection of quality, and nor is price. And like any country manufacturing any goods, there are good companies and not so good companies.

Quality is dictated by the manufacturing practices, and materials used. If a pump is going to fail under warranty, it will fail out of the box usually, or shortly thereafter. Pump & Purify has it's pumps and filtration equipment manufactured specifically for it under licence, to it's specifications ensuring the mechanical seals, bearings and other critical parts are the best quality, the stainless steel is marine grade 304. Our guarantee to you, is that our product stacks up against any of the best brands in the world. How do we know? Because we have worked in those "best brand" companies. We know what it takes. And Pump & Purify's product is now tried and tested in New Zealand for over many years (since 2010). 

A good quality pump will last well after it's warranty provided it has been selected appropriately for the job, and installed by a pump technician. Your plumber needs to be experienced with pumps and understand the hydraulics of water.  If your plumber has only ever worked with city supplied water, they may not have the required knowledge to troubleshoot some of the intricacies of getting a pump operating properly. 

And here's where we come in.  We can assist you with selecting the appropriate pump for the job, and providing you with helpful tips to ensure it is installed correctly and gives you the value for money you deserve!

Because specifying a pump isn't necessarily as easy as 1, 2, 3 and the ramifications of getting it wrong can be costly and time consuming, we encourage you to drop us an email at sales@pumpandpurify.co.nz or phone us on 09 294 7555 so that we can check you have selected the right product for your application, and you or your plumber have the info you need for a trouble free install.