About Pumps

How to Choose a Pump and Flow Rate to suit your Requirements

When you choose your pump you need to consider how much water flow you are going to need.  To do this, you need to decide how many devices or appliances that use water could be operating at the same time.  This is referred to as "taps" ie 3 taps - which could be your washing machine, a dishwasher and someone using a tap or the shower all at once.

To determine the flow really accurately you should consider distance from the water source to the pump, and from the pump to the required outlet of water ie your house.  Pipe size, elevation and bends in the pipe will also affect the flow rate, and is referred to as system friction and head loss.

Tank or Controller?

Benefits of a pressure vessel:

  • Substantially reduces electric power consumption
  • Eliminates unnecessary pump starts and reduces the wear on moving parts in the pump
  • Eliminates unnecessary low flow cycling and resulting burn outs
  • Eliminates pump body failures due to water hammer

Benefits of a Controller:

  • Adjustable pressure switch
  • Dry run protection will protect the pump from damage if water supply level is insufficient
  • Eliminates water hammer and protects plumbing
  • Compact size
  • Provides constant pressure

Because specifying a pump isn't necessarily as easy as 1,2,3 and the ramifications of getting it wrong can be costly and time consuming we encourage you to drop us an email or phone us just to check you have selected the right product for your application.