Pump & Purify conducts business in full compliance with the laws of New Zealand and specifically the following statutes:

  • Fair Trading Act
  • Commerce Act
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Consumer Guarantees Act

We endeavour to display correct information at all times, however any errors pertaining to product descriptions, photos, typographical errors, pricing errors or any other type of error is unintentional and subject to correction.  We reserve the right to refuse an order for any reason.

If you require further information, or think the information displayed is incorrect in any way, please contact us using the contact form for clarification.

Collection of Information

Pump & Purify reserves the right to request any relevant contact or product information.  Any data including contact information (excluding financial information which is not retained or held by us) may be held for future information, response, product recall, marketing, sales or any other contact Pump & Purify may choose to make.  Pump & Purify undertakes to hold your information securely and your information will never be passed to any other entity for database sales or marketing purposes.  Your information may be passed to a third party support party for any installation or repair related purposes.

Payment Information

Pump & Purify requires all orders to be paid before the products are delivered.  Various payment options are available and are subject to change or withdrawal at any time.

Goods will not be dispatched until payment has shown and cleared through our bank account. 


Freight is charged at standard rates and only the options displayed are available.  Freight will not be negotiated or altered in any way after the sale is made.

Return Policies

Before any return is made, contact must be made with Pump & Purify and a return authority obtained. Returns will not be accepted without a return authority.

All goods must be returned unused.  Goods will only be accepted for return in this condition, with undamaged and complete packaging.  We reserve the right to refuse returns at our discretion.  We reserve the right to charge a 20% fee for returns and any other fees or charges we deem necessary at our sole discretion. Please email us to resolve any issues or concerns before ordering, and before attempting to return goods.

Prices & GST

All prices are displayed inclusive of GST and in NZD.