$199.00 NZD
GST included in the price

Is your Water source contaminated with heavy metals incl iron? Water doesn't lather up, staining on machinery, appliances, water tastes or smells bad? City Water with Chlorine and worried about water safety too? Do something about it!

3 stage filtration incl KDF, Activated Carbon & UF Membrane.
The unit is stylish, functional & very affordable

KDF removes metal ions
Carbon stage for chemicals, organics
Ultrafiltration membrane removes bacteria, rust, colloid, sediment, suspended solids, organic compounds & other harmful substances, retaining minerals for healthy pure water up to 0.01 micron

Suitable for 2 taps ie underbench or whole house small houses, tiny houses, or can be used to filter water into holding tank

Stainless Steel 304 Housing
Water output 1000 L/hr (16lpm)
Unit 160mm x 500mm
Supplied with 3 braided hoses, 1 plastic hose, quality stylish tap, housing & filters
20mm threaded ports
O-ring seals

Filter life approx 12 mths 2-3 people. Drinking water only, life extended to approx 18 mths 2-3 people. Whole of house best fit before header tank to avoid slow water flow/pressure