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The Trevitech/Watertech Pump Stop is an electronic pump saver that stops the pump in case of a water shortage and protects it from dry running. It will also stop the pump and protect the motor in case of overcurrent.


  • Run Dry Protection
  • A user-friendly interface with LED indicators displaying power status, pump running and alarm indication.

Installation & Set up:

To operate, it must be connected to the power supply line of the pump.

For this reason, the power supply of the pump must be inserted in the device, which is then connected to the power point.

In case of water shortage, the device stops the pump protecting it from dry running. This failure is indicated with the blinking red Failure led.

In case of the current absorption exceeding 8 Ampere, the device stops the pump motor and protects it against over-current. This failure is indicated with the red Failure led on.

To restore normal operation to the device and the system simply press the red Restart button. In case of a temporary blackout, the device will automatically rearm once the electricity returns.

Technical Features

  • 230v
  • Max Current: 8A
  • Operating Temperature: Min 5 °C - Max 45 °C
  • Ambient Temperature: Max 55 °C
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Pump Motor current: Min 3 A - Max 8 A
  • Acceptable voltage fluctuation: +/- 10%