$99.00 NZD
GST included in the price

The Rainwater Barrel Pump is a fabulous addition to your garden watering. Catch the water off your roof, and submerge this pump in the tank, clip on your hose and have pressurised water to water your garden or run a small irrigation system, wash the car, or your windows.  It can also be used as a drainage pump when flooding to disperse the water away down into a drainage system.

It features an aluminium swan neck extension pipe, with a hook that hooks onto the inside of the rain water barrel. The hose connection is a standard snap on connection that will fit any standard hose design.

The low energy consumption motor at 0.37kW is highly efficient delivering a strong water jet.  See our video here of it in use in a flooded area, and you can also see the power it pumps at.


  • Corrosion resistant plastic body for durability
  • Built in thermal overload protector to protect the pump from overheating
  • Float switch for automatic use and run dry protection
  • Portable handle
  • 10m cable
  • Aluminium swan neck shaft with gate valve to allow you to turn water off (don't leave the pump running with the valve shut for prolonged periods)

 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty.   View Warranty Terms here