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The PT series pressure expansion tanks are designed for residential, light commercial and irrigation applications.

The tanks are constructed of a polypropylene liner combined with high grade butyl diaphragm to insulate water and air. This provides a closed system for drinking water preventing the growth of bacteria and vermin intrusion. The cast stainless steel water connection is designed for corrosion resistance and durability. All tanks are tested to ensure the highest quality. Ideal Applications include water pressure boosting, water storage and water transfer.

Why use a pressure tank?

Pressure tanks hold water pressurised. Turn tap on, water flows at pressure without running pump until tank runs out, then pump starts up. 

  • Reduce noise & pump starts caused by leaks, dripping taps
  • Save Power
  • Increase Pump Life
  • Provide pressurised water during Power Failure (limited to size of tank)

A correctly sized tank should store 1L for each litre per min pump can deliver
eg: Pump delivers 50LPM = Tank should hold 50L
A Tank holds 2/3rds it's volume so 100L Tank = 66L approx
Therefore if pump delivers 50LPM, tank should be 100L

If the tank is being added to an existing system with a pressure controller, we recommend these tanks are fitted with a manual pressure switch so as to be able to adjust pressure cut in and optimise performance.  

Photo 2 shows how tank can be mounted. Pump not included in this product






2.0/3.4 Bar 2.8/4.1 Bar 3.4/4.8 Bar








Construction & Technical Info

  • NSF Standard 61, IPAMO R&T UPC approved
  • Corrosion resistant durable baked epoxy coating finish
  • Polypropylene liner to ensure long durability
  • Butyl diaphragm to assure long life and safety
  • Leak free, O-ring sealed air valve cap
  • 100% pressure tested
  • Cast stainless steel water connection
  • Max working pressure: 10 Bar
  • Max working temperature: 100°C

Pump or accessories are not included
You need: 3 Way Tee, Flexi Hose, pressure switch (or pressure controller may work if retro fitting), Pressure Gauge. Cut in pressure may need adjusting

5 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty   View Warranty Terms here.