Lamps for Ultraviolet Sterilisation Systems (UV)

Replacement UV Lamps for Ultraviolet Sterilisation Systems (UV) from 6W to 55W

UV System Replacement Lamps
Sizes from 6W to 55W

4 Pin Configuration even at one end
If your system takes a different pin style, consider buying a new ballast also. Prices $30-60, so it might be worth changing your lamp/plug system and saving $$

We also have quartz tubes for all sizes

Lamp Length measurements:
6W: Lamp 212mm $30
12W: Lamp 265mm $40
16W: Lamp 330mm $50
25W: Lamp 550mm $60
30W: Lamp 870mm $75
55W: Lamp 910mm $90

Lamps are extremely sensitive to any power event, interruption, surge etc. A Belkin surge protector should be used on ALL Lamps. Add it to your shopping cart if you don't already have one