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 Our Italian made Pressure tanks have a  replaceable EPDM Rubber Bladder approved for drinking water. 

Aquasystem Tanks is a leading European brand distributed throughout Europe. Still manufactured in Italy, using the highest quality materials, the reliability of a global brand.

Why use a pressure tank?
Pressure tanks hold water pressurised. Turn tap on, water flows at pressure without running pump until tank runs out, then pump starts up. 

  • Reduce noise & pump starts caused by leaks, dripping taps
  • Save Power
  • Increase Pump Life
  • Provide pressurised water during Power Failure (limited to size of tank)

A correctly sized tank should store 1L for each litre per min pump can deliver
eg: Pump delivers 50LPM = Tank should hold 50L
A Tank holds 2/3rds it's volume so 100L Tank = 66L approx
Therefore if pump delivers 50LPM, tank should be 100L

Properly sized & maintained bladder life = 40,000 cycles

If the tank is being added to an existing system with a pressure controller, we recommend these tanks are fitted with a manual pressure switch so as to be able to adjust pressure cut in and optimise performance.  

60L Tank. Approx 40L held at pressure
Height 783mm diameter 365mm 

Photo 2 shows how tank can be mounted. Pump not included in this product


  • Steel tank: Durable epoxy paint finish
  • Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Max Water Temp: 100C
  • Stainless Steel Flange with BSP Male Thread: 1"
  • Precharge: 1.5 Bar

Pump or accessories are not included
You need: 3 Way Tee, Flexi Hose, pressure switch (or pressure controller may work if retro fitting), Pressure Gauge. Cut in pressure may need adjusting

1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty   View Warranty Terms here.  

Watch the Movie showing how to replace the bladder here