$130.00 NZD
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In-line filters are a great way to protect your pump from debris in the tank and pre-filter water to increase the life of your whole house water filters.

These inline filters have a disc strainer designed to reduce contaminants in water.

The Housings are made from robust plastic with heavy duty lock ring for simple cartridge release and servicing without requiring tools.

There are 2" male ports for inlet and outlets and a 3/4" male bottom port. 

The Disc filter uses plastic discs with fine groves, when the cartridge is removed, the discs come apart to dislodge sediment and for easy cleaning.


Model Inlet/Outlet Filter Element Micron Max Pressure Max Flow Filter Area Design
FDY120-200 2" Disc 130 8 Bar  366 LPM 583cm2 Angled