$30.00 NZD
GST included in the price

PP Spun filters are made from high quality tightly spun fibre and are designed to filter out particle debris, such as dust, dirt, sand, rust.

Sediment filters are measured in micron sizes - the larger the micron number, the large size particle it will let through.  The smaller the number, the cleaner the water.

All sizes are available in 20, 5 and 1 micron

20 Micron is coarsest - usually first in multiple housing set up, for larger particles

5 Micron - usually first or second in multiple housing set up

1 Micron - always last in multiple housing set up. For very fine dust, also can be used for filtration of cysts and parasites such as giardia.

Sediment filters should always go before a Carbon Filter so that they do the heavy lifting, and take out all the sediment, allowing the Carbon Filter which is last in the line, to work on dissolved matter.  Carbon filters are not designed to filter sediment and particles.


All 10" Filters - 10" in length

10" Standard filters for 10" standard housings - filters 65mm diameter

10" Jumbo Filters for 10" jumbo or big blue housings - filter 110mm diameter

All 20" Filters - 20" in length

20" Standard filters for 20" standard housings - filters 65mm diameter

20" Jumbo Filters for 20" jumbo or big blue housings - filter 110mm diameter

How often should I change them?

Life is approx 3-9 months on average depending on water quality & consumption.

Raintank, Bore and River, etc: No less than 2x per year

Town Water Supply:  1x per year - may need changing after heavy rain events

These time frames can alter depending on environmental factors such as:

  • High Pollen Seasons
  • High Dust Areas
  • After area spraying
  • After heavy rain events
  • After contamination

These are high quality filters which are safe for use with drinking water. Please ensure if you are making comparisons you check filters are of high quality and certified as there are many cheap filters on the market which may actually contaminate your water due to their poor quality.