Peripheral Pump 0.75kW

These pumps with peripheral impeller are able to offer high pressure in relation to comparatively low powers and which have particularly steady operating curves.

For the correct functioning of the pump, pump clean water, or non-aggressive liquids only, without sand or other solid impurities.

Uses include pressure systems for household supply, garden watering, irrigation, pressured supply from rain tank, water transfer.
This pump is excellent for getting water up to tanks situated high on hills with a maximum head of 70m (not working head)

Pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather

Photo 1 shows actual pump (Listed in variants as Bare Pump)
Photo 2 shows similar pump with Pressure Switch Controller (representative photo - colours and shape may differ slightly)

Option 1: BARE PUMP: Buy the pump only if you already have a controller system to use with it or will manually turn the pump on and off. WARNING: DO NOT leave the power to the pump on when the water supply is turned off.

Option 2: Pump & Switch: Buy for auto on/off of the pump. Especially for situations where pump needs to pump up hills etc (high head).  Should also have a pressure tank - see our other listings for a tank. An 8L tank ($99) is perfectly adequate.

Maximum Flow 50 lpm
Maximum Head 70m

Construction Features:
0.75kW Motor Single Phase
Pump body: Cast iron
Motor housing: Aluminum
Shaft: 45#steel/stainless steel
Impeller: Brass
Motor: closed, externally ventilated
Insulation Class: B
Protection class: IP44
Built in Thermal Protector
Duty: continuous rated
Mechanical seal: Graphite/SiC/NBR
Operating Limitations
Max ambient temperature up to 40°C Max.fluid temperature up to 80°C Max pressure up to 10bar
Inlet and Outlet both 1"
1m Cable and NZ Plug
1 Year Warranty

Data Sheet here

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