$700.00 NZD
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High Flow High Pressure Centrifugal Pump - Close Coupled for horizontal installation by Fluid Pumps (Since 2010)

Bare shaft pump with motor, in horizontal design, sealed by a mechanical seal, without coupling. Three phase 4kW motor.

The close-coupled twin-impeller centrifugal electric pump is designed for the pumping of clean water or any clear liquids which do not contain solids and are not corrosive, abrasive or explosive when in contact with the pump motor unit and its working parts

Water supply
Fire-fighting water
Fire-fighting systems
Civil and industrial sectors

Guarantee, Testing and Quality Control: Every pump is tested for correct functioning. The operating data are guaranteed without acceptance test in accordance with ISO 9906 Annex A, DIN 1944/III or comparable international testing standards

Liquid Type: Clean Water without solids or abrasive material
Temperature: -10C to +90C
Flow Rate: 0.6m3/h to 21m3/h (234 LPM)
Head: 20m to 81m
Max Allowable Working Pressure: 0.6MPa
Max Suction Pressure: 0.4MPa
Hydrostatic Test Pressure: 1MPa
Casing: Volute Design Aluminium
Impeller: Closed Centrifugal
Shaft Seal: Single Mechanical Seal Graphite/Ceramic/NBR
Bearing: Deep Groove Ball Bearing Sealed
Shaft: Pump & motor flanged together to form a close coupled unit with common shaft. Carbon Steel
Pump Body Material: Cast Iron
Impeller: Brass
Insulation Class: B
Protection Class: IP54
Suction Flange: 1.5" Inlet
Discharge Flange: 1.25" Outlet
Applicable Standard of Test: ISO9906 - Annex A
1 Year Warranty