ABK200D Dirty Water Centrifugal 1.5kW Three Phase

Dirty Water Centrifugal Pump 

Unique semi open impeller makes this powerful little centrifugal pump suitable for cleaning on production lines, washing facilities etc where the water may contain impurities. Low pressure, high flow

Use with clean or dirty water, suited for greenhouse watering, fish farming, poultry farms, industrial water supply, washing facilities, production lines


AISI304 Stainless Steel body ensuring strength
Suitable for high liquid temperatures +35 Deg C

1.5kW Three Phase motor
AISI304 Body, Impeller, Shaft
Suitable for liquid temps +35C
Semi open impeller for dirty water
Thermal overload protection
1.5" inlet/outlet
Max head 12.7m
Max flow +700 litres/min
Duty performance 350 litres/min at 10.5m head +-25%

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