AJDm110/4H Deep Well Pump for 4" Bore or Well, 1.1kW

Cast Iron Surface Mounted Deep Well Pump

Alternative to submersible pump for lifting water from bores or wells
For 4" wells. Jet & Venturi system creates suction, brings water to the surface

What can this pump do?
Max Discharge 67m head
Max Pressure 95 PSI
Max Flow +34 lpm
Max suction lift 40m

Suction at
15m: 16 lpm at 47m head
20m: 14 lpm at 43m
25m: 12 lpm at 38m
30m: 8 lpm at 37m
35m: 6 lpm at 33m
40m: 3 lpm at 31m

1.1kW motor Single Ph
Cast Iron body
AISI304 Stainless Steel Shaft, Impeller
Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal
1" Outlet

Max Liquid Temp 40C
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IPX4
Built in Thermal Protector
2Yr Manufacturer Warranty on faulty parts or workmanship

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