Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are designed to filter out dissolved matter and chemicals such as pesticides, sprays, chlorine, organics from decaying matter.

They will assist with adjusting taste and odour making water more palatable for consumption and also assisting with discolouration issues.


Range of sizes:

All 10" Filters - 10" in length

10" Standard filters for 10" standard housings - filters 65mm diameter

10" Jumbo Filters for 10" jumbo or big blue housings - filter 110mm diameter


All 20" Filters - 20" in length

20" Jumbo Filters for 20" jumbo or big blue housings - filter 110mm diameter


Life is approx 3-9 months on average depending on water quality & consumption


These are high quality filters which are safe for use with drinking water. Please ensure if you are making comparisons you check filters are of high quality and certified as there are many cheap filters on the market which may actually contaminate your water due to their poor quality