Powerful performance, small motor capacity, these little block busters are designed for transferring clean liquid for water supply, pressure boosting, water sprinklers and garden use. If you have a small to medium demand and need to balance this with low power usage, a peripheral pump may offer the perfect solution for you.

 Features of Peripheral Pumps

  • Some models self priming so suitable for lifting water ie when water source is below the pump
  • Peripheral pumps can be operated manually or assembled with an electronic controller, or pressure tank for automatic operation ie pump runs when system opened (tap turned on)
  • Small, compact, powerful small duty with efficient motor size

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APm Peripheral Pumps

LKSm Self Priming Peripheral Pumps

LKSm Self Priming with 2L Pressure Tank

APSm Automatic Self Priming with Wifi Function

LKSm Self Priming with 24L Pressure Tank

AKSm Self Priming for Low Voltage