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XSP9-7.5/0.25I Small Duty Vortex Submersible Drainage Pump 0.25kW, Max 7.5m head, 150lpm

Small Duty Vortex Submersible Drainage Pump for small duty applications - clean or slightly dirty water, soft particles up to 15mm

Lift water from a basement, well, pool, for wastewater in factories, construction sites, residential drainage

0.25kW/0.33HP Max 7.5m head, 150 l/pm

Single Phase 

Working duty 90 l/pm at 5.2m head

 Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Body

Vortex Impeller in nylon for strength and durability

Maximum immersion depth 5m

Outlet diameter 40,32,25mm

Maximum diameter of particles (soft solids only - no stones or other hard objects) 15mm

Maximum liquid temperature 40 Degrees Celsius

Liquid pH value 4-10

Float switch ensuring automatic cut in and cut out

Built in thermal protector 

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