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XQS14.5-42/3-1.5I High Head Submersible Drainage Pump 1.5kW, Max 42m head, 240lpm

High Head Submersible Drainage Pump for small duty applications - clean water

Lift water from a basement, well, pool, for wastewater in factories, construction sites, residential drainage, 2nd chamber septic tanks

1.5kW/2HP Max 42m head, 240 l/pm

Single Phase 

Working duty 125 l/pm at 27m head

 Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Body

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Base

Cast Iron Impeller for strength and durability

Maximum immersion depth 5m

Outlet Diameter 50mm

Maximum liquid temperature 40 Degrees Celsius

Liquid pH value 6.5-8

Float switch ensuring automatic cut in and cut out

Built in thermal protector 

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