Ultraviolet Sterilisation Systems (UV) - Small for Under Bench or Single Taps

Do you have filters and want to add UV to your drinking water to sterilise the water from the nasty bugs that make you sick? Our 6W system is perfect for under bench systems as a retrofit.
Protect your family with purified drinking water from harvested rainwater, bore or well water or any source!

If you need bigger flows, we have sizes avail from 6W-165W - see our other listings
Effective environmentally friendly disinfection without chemicals


Port Size: 1/4"
Lamp: 4 pin configuration
Lamp Life: 6-9000 hours. Annual replacement
Chamber: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar (145 PSI)
Max Ambient Termperature: 2-40 DegC
Power Ballast with Red/Green LED operating lights
Pack Includes: Power Ballast with 3 pin plug, UV Chamber, UV Lamp, Quartz Sleeve, O-Rings, Manuals, Mounting Brackets

Choose from 2 sizes 

6W Size System:
Total Length 236mm
Flow 2-3 lpm
Replacement Quartz Sleeve $30
Replacement 6W Lamp $30

12W Size System:
Total Length 300mm
Flow 3 lpm
Replacement Quartz Sleeve $40
Replacement 12W Lamp $40

1 Year Warranty on Faulty Parts & Workmanship. Does not include lamp or ballast failure due to power surge. We recommend using Belkin Surge Protectors


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