Shower Head Replacement filter to reduce chlorine and soften water

Replacement filter for shower head (shower head not included)

Sick of hard water, lack of soapy suds in shower, stains on glass showers, dry skin & hair? Try our Shower Head. Gorgeous blue color, looks really cool! We used this for the last few years in our shower. It's amazing how soft your skin & hair feels & shampoo lathers up. My "really good shampoo" which "doesn't lather up" gets very soapy! Best of all, our expensive glass shower remains totally streak & water spot free 5yrs after installing - it's crystal clear!

With a ¾" threaded fitting simply attach to shower hose. Head has changeable jet settings. A cartridge inside the handle lasts 3-6 mths. To replace unscrew the handle, pop a new one in & its good to go again!

Reduces chlorine, calcium using calcium sulphate & Vit C. Activated ceramic balls emulsify the water softening it, which allows the skin to absorb more water hydrating it. Municipal or town supply water is chemically sterilized using chlorine as a disinfectant. Chlorine dries out skin, hair, exacerbates skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

Bad enough it's in your drinking water, but remember the skin is the body's largest organ & we really don't know the effects of the absorption of chlorine through skin

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