Pre Filters to protect your Pumps, Appliances and other Equipment

High filtration precision, simple installation! Install after the water meter or water source providing a pre-filter before water enters your house - this is not a drinking water purifier
Removes sand, silt & rust particles in the water. Solve the solution of secondary pollution in the city. Ever thought about how your water is beautifully treated then travels from the treatment station through 30+ year old pipes to your tap? Mmm yum!

Use as pre filter for muddy or sediment filled ground or river water, or for water straight off the roof. A valve at the base of the unit allows for drainage
Protect sanitary installations, machine tools & industrial machinery, or for agricultural installations to filter water for animals. Comes apart so debris can be washed from mesh filter

Suitable for pressure 1-8 bar
Water flow 1000 LPH
Inlet Outlet 25mm
Filtration precision to 40-90 um
Water temp 5-45 degC
Brass body

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