$2,750.00 NZD
GST included in the price

This amazing package deal is suited for larger homes, containing three+ bathrooms and running an average of 8 taps at once (80 lpm).

The package includes multistage pump with electronic controller, whole house triple filter system and filters, and 110W UV System.



  • Max Discharge 55m Head
  • Max Pressure 78 PSI (Equivalent to Mains (low end)
  • Max Flow +116LPM
  • Max Suction Lift 6m (with Non Return Valve installed - not self priming)

Operation Parameters

  • 1.1kW Single Phase Motor
  • Liquid Temperature: 0-70 °C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Enclosure Class:  IP55
  • Insulation Class:  F
  • Duty Rating:  Continuous Duty
  • Inlet:  1.25"
  • Outlet: 1"
  • Bundled with an Italian made Watertech Press Controller for automatic on/off operation. We recommend Controllers are used in simple applications without significant ground elevations where pressure adjustment may be required. We recommend this is installed with a Belkin Surge Protector to protect the controller. You can purchase these here

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This system is for whole of house using up to 5+ taps at once (including water using appliances - washing machine, dishwasher etc)

  • AISI304 Stainless Steel Frame, black powder coated finish
  • 3x 20" Jumbo Housings: Made from high quality BPA free, UV Safe plastic. Won't release toxic poisons!
  • Filter housings joined & assembled in frame: plug & play
  • Ports: 1" Brass threaded Strong, Won't split like plastic ports
  • Rubber O-Ring in lip seal: water tight
  • Cap with Pressure relief valve: Easy housing removal
  • Max Water Temperature: 37C
  • Max Water Pressure 100PSI on constant flow - not pulsating water
  • Includes Wrench

Dimensions: 550mm W x 210mm D, 800mm H at back, 710mm H at front

    System includes first set of filters:

    • Stage 1:  20 Micron PP Spun Sediment filter
    • Stage 2:  5 Micron PP Spun Sediment filter
    • Stage 3:  CTO Carbon Block filter

      See more about this Filter System here

      PLUS Ultraviolet Sterilisation System 

      Effective environmentally friendly disinfection without chemicals

      110W System:  Large houses using max 6+ taps at once (90lpm).

      • Chamber: AISI304 Stainless Steel
      • Chamber Length: 955mm
      • Ports: 1" male threaded
      • Lamp: 4 pin configuration. Lamp life 6-9000 hrs. Change annually
      • Lamp Power 55W x 2 Lamps
      • Power Consumption: 72W per lamp
      • Flow:  Maximum 169 Litres Per Minute (16mJ/cm2)
      • Nominal Recommended Flow: 90 Litres Per Minute (30mJ/cm2)
      • Max Operating Pressure: (145 PSI)
      • Ambient Temp 2-40C
      • Audible Alarm on Ballast indicates lamp failure
      • Visual "Power On" LED
      • Chambers are 100% Pressure Tested
      • Ballasts are 100% Electrically Tested

      Included Accessories:

      • Power Ballast, 1.6m cable 3 pin NZ/AUS plug
      • Chamber
      • UV Lamp
      • Quartz Sleeve
      • O-Rings
      • Manual
      • Mounting Brackets

      2 Yr Warranty on Faulty Parts & Workmanship. Does not include lamp or ballast failure due to power events. We recommend using Belkin Surge Protectors 

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