KUF2 Under Bench Compact Quick Change Filter System

Compact Two Stage Filter System for small applications with Quick Change Bayonet filters

Perfect for under bench, single taps, RV's, Caravans, boats.

Quick bayonet fittings filters (all filters avail from us) change in seconds without special tools!

Attractive, compact 290(H) to shelf  x 100(D)mm

Stainless steel tap faucet

Auto shut off device when changing filters so no need to turn water off

Includes PP Spun Sediment filter to remove fine particles, and Carbon filter to remove chlorine, chemicals, improve taste & odour 

Includes All parts required from filter system to tap (incl tap)

Pressure reducing valve required if pressure exceeds 43PSI

1 Yr warranty

Filters available
PP Spun Sediment 5 Micron - for removal of particle contaminants
Carbon Block Filters (CTO) - for removal of dissolved matter such as organics from decaying matter, pesticides, sprays, chlorine
Granular Carbon Filters (GAC) - further removal of dissolved matter as for Carbon Block - finisher of the process
UF Membrane (UF) -membrane for removal of some bacteria, cysts, parasites