ECH4-40 Horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel, 0.75kW, Max 36m head, 120lpm

Multistage Pump & auto controller for house pressure systems, irrigation
Multiple impellers efficiently achieve high pressure & flow at lower power usage
Run 5 taps equivalent to mains pressure (50PSI)
Ensure high pressure will not detrimentally affect tapware, seals, pipes, fittings, appliances

Max Discharge 38m head
Max Pressure 54PSI
Max Flow +110LPM
Max suction lift 8m

Performance at 17LPM/36m head - 100LPM/22m head

 AISI304 Stainless Steel impeller, diffuser, shaft

1.25" Inlet

1" Outlet  

8m Suction Lift

Water Temperature to 85 Deg Celsius


Also available this model factory fitted with Electronic Automatic Controller.  See here


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