$2,550.00 NZD
GST included in the price

This amazing package deal is suited for large homes, containing 2-3 bathrooms and running an average of 4-6 taps at once (50 lpm).

The package includes a pump with electronic controller, whole house triple 20" filter system and filters, and UV System.

There are 2 filtration systems available at 2 price points. 

The options are with a filtration system as separate filter system and UV or Integrated.  Read below for more details.



  • Max Discharge 55m Head
  • Max Pressure 78 PSI (Equivalent to Mains (low end)
  • Max Flow +116LPM
  • Max Suction Lift 6m (with Non Return Valve installed - not self priming)

Operation Parameters

  • 1.1kW Single Phase Motor
  • Liquid Temperature: 0-70 °C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Enclosure Class:  IP55
  • Insulation Class:  F
  • Duty Rating:  Continuous Duty
  • Inlet:  1.25"
  • Outlet: 1"
  • Bundled with an Italian made Watertech Press Controller for automatic on/off operation. We recommend Controllers are used in simple applications without significant ground elevations where pressure adjustment may be required. We recommend this is installed with a Belkin Surge Protector to protect the controller. You can purchase these here

See more about this pump here 


There are 2 filter system options available.

Filter Option 1:  

WF-20B3 - This option has the UV as a separate unit, and is the cheaper option.

This system is for whole of house using up to 5 taps at once (including water using appliances - washing machine, dishwasher etc)

  • AISI304 Stainless Steel Frame, black powder coated finish
  • 3x 20" Jumbo Housings: Made from high quality BPA free, UV Safe plastic. Won't release toxic poisons!
  • Filter housings joined & assembled in frame: plug & play
  • Ports: 1" Brass threaded Strong, Won't split like plastic ports
  • Rubber O-Ring in lip seal: water tight
  • Cap with Pressure relief valve: Easy housing removal
  • Max Water Temperature: 37C
  • Max Water Pressure 100PSI on constant flow - not pulsating water
  • Includes Wrench

Dimensions: 550mm W x 210mm D, 800mm H at back, 710mm H at front

    System includes first set of filters:

    • Stage 1:  20 Micron PP Spun Sediment filter
    • Stage 2:  5 Micron PP Spun Sediment filter
    • Stage 3:  CTO Carbon Block filter

      See more about this Filter System here

      PLUS Ultraviolet Sterilisation System 

      Effective environmentally friendly disinfection without chemicals

      55W System:  Medium-Large houses using max 4-5 taps at once (45lpm).

      • Chamber: AISI304 Stainless Steel
      • Chamber Length: 955mm
      • Ports: 3/4" male threaded
      • Lamp: 4 pin configuration. Lamp life 6-9000 hrs. Change annually
      • Lamp Power 55W
      • Power Consumption 72W
      • Flow:  Maximum 84 Litres Per Minute (16mJ/cm2)
      • Nominal Recommended Flow: 45 Litres Per Minute (30mJ/cm2)
      • Max Operating Pressure: (145 PSI)
      • Ambient Temp 2-40C
      • Audible Alarm on Ballast indicates lamp failure
      • Visual "Power On" LED
      • Chambers are 100% Pressure Tested
      • Ballasts are 100% Electrically Tested

      Included Accessories:

      • Power Ballast, 1.6m cable 3 pin NZ/AUS plug
      • Chamber
      • UV Lamp
      • Quartz Sleeve
      • O-Rings
      • Manual
      • Mounting Brackets

      Does not include lamp or ballast failure due to power events. We recommend using Belkin Surge Protectors 

      See the 55W System here

      OR Filter Option 2:

      This option is for the integrated plug and play Triple Jumbo 10" System and UV. Note: This requires substantial bracing suitable for up to 25kg.

      Can be configured for Left or Right side Water Entry. 


      This system is ideal for medium to large homes where water may be contaminated with "faecal coliforms". This can be from bird and possum waste on roofs and gutters or live stock run off entering streams and shallow bores.

      • Council recommended level : 75 LPM (40 mJ/cm2)
      • Nominal recommended flow: 94 LPM (30 mJ/cm2)
      • Maximum recommended flow: 132 LPM (16 mJ/cm2)
      • 1 x 48 watt high intensity lamp
      • Inlet/Outlet 1" (25mm)
      • Temperature range 2-40 degrees
      • Max pressure 125 psi
      • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 755x220x725


      • Quality Stainless Steel housing with cover
      • Fully assembled 48W UV lamp & quartz sleeve
      • 3 x 20" Jumbo Big Blue water filter Housing Kits (BB20)
      • 1 x 20" Jumbo Pleated 20 micron filter
      • 1 x 20" Jumbo Polyspun 1 micron filter
      • 1 x 20" Jumbo Carbon 5 micron filter
      • 1 x Automatic control ballast with 365 day countdown timer
      • 3 x Pressure gauges
      • Spanner