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5DW4/6-1.1 5" Submersible Pump 1.1kW with Phase Variations, Max 66m head, 133lpm

For water supply from wells, bores, reservoirs, tanks, supplying water for pressure systems, irrigations, water transfer, 2nd chamber Septic Tanks (clean water)

1.1kW/1.5HP Max 66m head, 133 l/pm

Single Phase or Three Phase Motors available

Working duty 41.6 l/pm at 60m head - 100 l/pm at 42m head

AISI304 Stainless Shaft, Impeller, Diffuser, Pump & Motor Housing

Ring on top of pump for suspension via wire rope 

Float Switch and External Capacitor/Starter box

Motor cooled by immersion water

1.25" Discharge

Water Temperature to 35 Degrees Celsius

Minimum Immersion 100mm

Maximum immersion 20m

Rewindable motor

Complete with 15m cable and 3 pin plug 

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