20B2 Beat Chlorine! Two 20" Jumbo Filter Housings PLUS PP Sediment & Carbon Filters

Get clean drinking water, from town supply, rainwater, bore or any source! Eliminate heavy chlorine dosing on town supply
Cost effective vs buying water
No dosing or chemicals required. Environmentally safe, healthier option

Two 20" Jumbo Housings, 1 PP Spun Filter and 1 Carbon Filter
Perfect for Town Water Supply to Remove Chlorine
Whole of house: Med-Large houses using max 5 taps at once (50lpm) including appliances, washing machine, dishwasher etc

See our systems already assembled and in a frame. But if you can't stretch to one of those, then this is the next best option!

Add UV for water sterilisation. Install post pump

2x 20" Jumbo Housings: Made from high quality BPA free, UV Safe plastic. Won't release toxic poisons!
Housing Brackets and joiner connection between housings included
Includes Jumbo 20" filters: diameter 110mm
Stage 1: PP Spun 1 Micron: Removes particles, dust, dirt, sand
Stage 2: Carbon Block: Removes chlorine (town supply), pesticides, sprays, organics from decaying matter. Improves taste, removes odours
Ports: 1" Brass threaded Strong, Won't split like plastic ports
Rubber O-Ring in lip seal: water tight
Cap with Pressure relief valve: Easy housing removal
Max Temp: 37C
Max Pressure 100PSI
Includes Wrench

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