AJDm110/2H Deep Well Pump for 2" Bore or Well, 1.1kW

Problems getting a submersible pump down your bore or well?
Only have a 2" bore or perhaps you have obstructions down the bore shaft?

Our surface mounted deep well pump is the answer...

Transfer clean water lifted from a well, for irrigation, pressure boosting, water transfer

The injector kit fits a 2" pipe and must be able to form a complete seal to create suction. See the diagrams

What can this pump do?
Max Discharge 62m head
Max Pressure 88 PSI
Max Flow +24 lpm
Max suction lift 40m

15m: 12 lpm/47m head
20m: 12 lpm /40m
25m: 10 lpm/36m
30m: 6 lpm/35m
35m: 4 lpm/31m
40m: 2 lpm/28m

1.1kW motor Single Ph
Cast Iron body
AISI304 Stainless Steel Shaft, Impeller
Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal
1" Outlet

Max Liquid Temp 40C
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IPX4
Built in Thermal Protector
2Yr Manufacturer Warranty on faulty parts or workmanship

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