Submersible Pumps for Wells or Tanks - 4" & 5"

Robust and rugged, with powerful performance, these borehole pumps are designed for transferring clean liquid for water supply, pressure boosting, water sprinklers and irrigation, market gardens, pressure boosting long distance water transfer. 

For submersible applications such as water tanks and wells.

4" Submersible pumps are optioned without float, 5" Submersible Pumps with float



 Features of Submersible Tank or Well Pumps

  • Rugged robust materials and design, powerful duty with efficient motor size

  • AISI304 Pump Body, shaft

  • Standard with technopolymer impeller which is very strong and reliable in sandy water on 4" models

  • Standard with AISI304 impeller on 5" models
  • Maximum fluid temperature 35 Degrees Celsius
  • Maximum sand content 0.15% for 4" model
  • Rewindable motor
  • External Start Control Box with capacitor
  • 2 Year Warranty

Click below to see a pdf spec sheet of the range available

Click here for 4" Submersible Pump Specs or go directly to product page

4DW2 Series  Range of 0.25kW - 0.75kW; Heads to 92m, Flows to 50+ lpm


Click here for 5" Submersible Pump Specs or go directly to product page

5DW2 Series  Range of 0.55kW - 0.1.1kW; Heads to 87.5m, Flows to 75+ lpm

5DW4 Series  Range of 0.9kW - 0.1.5kW; Heads to 88m, Flows to 133+ lpm

5DW8 Series  Range of 1.1kW - 0.1.5kW; Heads to 45.5m, Flows to 183+ lpm