December 2021 - Covid 19 Protocols

We have made a decision for the interim future months, in order to keep you safe and our staff safe, and to navigate the rules and regulations of the Traffic Light System, not to have our shop open.

We know this may be a hassle for you, but hey, with the internet and phones we are finding we can do most of what is needed to get pump and filtration systems to you, and all the intricacies explained! 

So if you wish to get advice, please phone us on 09 294 7555 and we can talk it over the phone.

If you want to pick up an order, then please place your order online and pay using credit card or bank transfer.  When your order is paid, we will pick the goods ready for you to collect.

We will then text or email you and let you know your order is ready, and where you  can collect it from both securely and contactless.

Thank you for your co-operation.