About Swimming Pool & Spa Pumps

Powerful performance, with motor efficiency, these swimming pool pumps are designed for water circulation, with slightly dirty water and soft solids in suspension (lint etc) which is filtered through the filter baskets.

The spa pumps feature quiet operation for circulating water through whirlpools, spas, massage pools and other hot water pools.


 Features of Swimming Pool Pumps

  • Suction lift of up to 3.5m so pumps can be fitted above the pool
  • AISI304 Shaft for strong reliable duty
  • High strength polypropylene plastic body and impeller for long life
  • Low noise for quiet enjoyment
  • Standard connections for easy retro fitting
  • Maximum liquid temperature 35 Degrees Celsius
  • Built in Thermal Protector
  • Lint basket filter with handle for easy removal

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Features of Spa Pool Pumps

  • AISI304 Shaft for strong reliable duty
  • Maximum liquid temperature 50 Degrees Celsius LSPA range or 100 Degrees Celsius in LPm range
  • Built in Thermal Protector LPSA range

Click here to see a pdf spec sheet of the LSPA range available and here to see the LPm range