About Portable Pumps

Gasoline or Diesel Driven Portable Pumps


Portable pumps for water transfer from flooded areas, tanks, transferring water from rivers and any other application where portability is required

Our range of portable petrol driven pumps enable you to move water from remote, difficult locations, or where you don't have a power supply available.

Portable and compact, with high quality motor offers excellent performance and a long service life.

Low fuel consumption, with suction lift possible, high pressure or high flow models, or a combination of both to provide excellent performance

Features of Portable Pumps

  • Suction of up to 8m on certain models

  • Robust Steel Frames providing portability and strength, in a compact design

  • High Quality motors with excellent performance and long service life
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Models with very high head, or very high flows
  • Multiple outlets to provide flexibility with discharge pipe sizes 

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