Italian Made Pressure Tank, Vertical 60L-80L

 Italian Pressure Tanks  (tank only pic 1)

This tank has a replaceable EPDM Rubber Bladder approved for drinking water. Non EPDM can leach toxic chemicals
(Replacement Bladders available from us)

Most tanks available in New Zealand have a fixed membrane inner, and do not have a replaceable bladder making them essentially "throw away" when the bladder fails.

Use in new or existing pressure systems

Sizes from 24 to 60 Litres, in horizontal, vertical configurations.

Aquasystem Tanks is a leading European brand distributed throughout Europe. Still manufactured in Italy, using the highest quality materials, the reliability of a global brand.

Why use a pressure tank?
Pressure tanks hold water pressurised. Turn tap on, water flows at pressure without running pump until tank runs out, then pump starts up. Reduces noise, power use, pump cycling from leaks, dripping taps

Reduce noise & pump starts caused by leaks, dripping taps
Save Power
Increase Pump Life
Provide pressurised water during Power Failure (limited to size of tank)

Pump or accessories are not included
You need: 3 Way Tee, Flexi Hose, pressure switch (or pressure controller may work if retro fitting), Pressure Gauge. Cut in pressure may need adjusting

A correctly sized tank should store 1L for each litre per min pump can deliver
eg: Pump delivers 50LPM = Tank should hold 50L
A Tank holds 2/3rds it's volume so 80L Tank = 53L approx
Therefore if pump delivers 50LPM, tank should be 80L

Properly sized & maintained bladder life = 40,000 cycles

Steel tank: Durable epoxy paint finish
Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar
Max Water Temp: 100C
Stainless Steel Flange with BSP Male Thread: 1" (sizes up to 60L), 


1.5 Bar (sizes up to 60L)

Warranty: 1 Year

PDF brochure with dimensions available here

Movie showing bladder replacement here

We recommend if adding to an existing system these tanks are fitted with a manual pressure switch so as to be able to adjust pressure cut in and optimise performance.  Your existing system may have a pressure controller.  

If you are purchasing one of our pumps with this pressure tank, please ensure you purchase the pump with a manual pressure switch and not an automatic pressure controller.

Should be installed by a certified tradesperson to ensure compliance & product safety


60L Tank. Approx 40L held at pressure
Height 783mm diameter 365mm 


1 Year Warranty
You may need
3 Way/5 Way Tee
Pressure Gauges & Switches
Braided Flexi Hose
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Photo 2 shows how tank may be used with large pressure set - this product is the tank only


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