Triple Filter System - 3x 10" Jumbo Filter Housings and filters, assembled in Frame

Get clean drinking water, from town supply, rainwater, bore or any source! Eliminate heavy chlorine dosing on town supply

Cost effective vs buying water
No dosing or chemicals required. Environmentally safe, healthier option

Triple 10" Jumbo Filter System in robust frame
Whole house: Small houses using max 3 taps at once (30lpm)

Wall hung systems are difficult to mount safely, requiring bracing to support 25kg+! Floor mounted systems eliminate the problem
Install post pump. Add UV for water sterilisation

AISI304 Stainless Steel Frame, black powder coated finish
3x 10" Jumbo Housings: BPA free, UV Safe plastic. Won't release toxic poisons!
Filter housings joined, assembled in frame: plug & play
Includes Jumbo 10" filters: diameter 110mm
Stage 1: PP Spun 5 Micron: Removes particles, dust, dirt, sand
Stage 2: PP Spun 1 Micron: Removes very fine particles, parasites, giardia
Stage 3: Carbon Block: Removes chlorine (town supply), pesticides, sprays, organics from decaying matter. Improves taste, removes odours
Ports: 1" Brass threaded Strong. Plastic Ports will split.
Rubber O-Ring in lip seal: water tight
Cap with Pressure relief valve: Easy housing removal
Max Temp: 37C
Max Pressure 100PSI

Dimensions: 570mm W x 210mm D, 550mm H at back, 470mm H at front

2Yr Manufacturer Warranty for Faulty Parts or Workmanship

Photos show how you can mount a UV system either on top of the frame, or you can mount it alongside the frame vertically.  UV System IS NOT included with this filter system.  We recommend a 30W system.

Filters available from us to use with this housing:
PP Spun Sediment - 20, 5 or 1 Micron (PP)
Carbon Block Filters (CTO)

Filters do not attract shipping costs when purchased with a housing

Optional extras to purchase (see our Store's other listings)
Threadseal tape - recommended on all threaded connections
Connectors - threaded connectors to join housings or join pipework

UV Systems to match these filter systems also available, to ensure water is not only clean, but sterile from bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites and the nasty contaminants that make you sick!



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