Pack 2 Combination Offer Multistage Pump, Whole of House Filter & UV System - Medium House

This amazing package deal is suited for larger homes, containing two bathrooms and running an average of 5 taps at once (50 lpm).

The package includes multistage pump with electronic controller, whole house triple filter system and filters, and 55W UV System.

Pump: CHLF4-40

Horizontal Multistage Pump Factory Fitted with Electronic Automatic Controller for auto on/off function

Max Discharge 38m head
Max Pressure 54PSI
Max Flow +110LPM
Max suction lift 8m

Performance at 17LPM/36m head - 100LPM/22m head

0.75kW Single Phase Motor

 AISI304 Stainless Steel Impeller, Diffuser, Shaft

1.25" Inlet

1" Outlet  

8m Suction Lift

Water Temperature to 85 Degrees Celsius

Click here for a data sheet

Filter System:

Protect your family with purified drinking water, for town supply, harvested rainwater, bore water or any source! 

Triple 20" Jumbo Filter System in robust frame - systems that hang on the wall are difficult to mount correctly and safely, the bracing required is not always available. Our floor mounted system eliminates this problem, but can still be wall mounted if you prefer. 

Cost effective protection providing clean water with appropriate filters, environmentally safe without introducing chemicals

This system is for whole of house using up to 5 taps at once (including water using appliances - washing machine, dishwasher etc)

Takes a standard 20" jumbo filter, 110mm diameter

Our housings:
Made from high quality BPA free, UV Safe plastic. Won't release toxic poisons!
Takes Jumbo 20" filters - outside diameter 110mm
Supplied assembled in strong stainless steel with powder coating frame, with spanner for tightening housings
25mm Brass threaded ports for strength
Rubber O-Ring in lip seal for water tightness
Cap with Pressure relief valve for easy housing removal

System includes first set of filters:

Stage 1:  5 Micron PP Spun Sediment filter

Stage 2:  1 Micron PP Spun Sediment filter

Stage 3:  CTO Carbon Block filter

Recommended max water pressure 100 PSI
Flow Rate Max 30 LPM
Max Water Temperature 37C

For best results install post water pump 

Filters available from us to use with this housing:
PP Spun Sediment - 20, 5 or 1 Micron (PP)
Carbon Block Filters (CTO)

2 Year Warranty 

Ultraviolet Sterilisation System

Do you have filters and want to add UV to your drinking water to sterilise the water from the nasty bugs that make you sick?

Effective environmentally friendly disinfection without chemicals

Lamp 4 pin configuration - Lamp life approx 6-9000 hours but should be changed annually

Chambers are 100% Pressure Tested
Ballasts are 100% Electrically Tested

Chamber: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Chamber Length: 965mm
Ports: 3/4" male threaded
Lamp: 4 pin configuration. Lamp life 6-9000 hrs. Change annually
Max Operating Pressure: (145 PSI)
Ambient Temp 2-40C
Audible Alarm on Ballast indicates lamp failure
Visual "Power On" LED
2 Yr Warranty on Faulty Parts & Workmanship. Does not include lamp or ballast failure due to power events. We recommend using Belkin Surge Protectors (See our listings for Surge Protector)

55W System
Lamp: 55W
Power Consumption: 72W
Flow: 50lpm
Replacement: Quartz sleeve $90, Lamp $90

Pack incls:
Power Ballast, 1.6m cable 3 pin NZ/AUS plug
UV Lamp
Quartz Sleeve
Mounting Brackets 

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