1.1kW Horizontal Multistage for Pressure Systems


Multistage Pumps efficiently achieve high pressure & flow using a lower motor power.
Run +8 taps equivalent to mains pressure (50PSI)

Use in pressure systems delivering household water, irrigation, washing facilities, feeding troughs and many other applications.

This pump has very high pressure so you must ensure the high pressure will not detrimentally affect tapware, seals, pipes, fittings, appliances.  Alternatively, you may require a pressure reducing valve to be fitted.


Max Discharge 58m Head
Max Pressure 82PSI
Max Flow +110LPM
Max suction lift 6m


1.1kW Single Phase Motor
AISI304 Stainless Steel impeller, diffuser, shaft
1.25" Inlet/1" Outlet  
6m Suction Lift
Water Temperature to 70C

Optional Accessories

  • Bundled with an Italian made Watertech Press Controller for automatic on/off operation. We recommend this is installed with a Belkin Surge Protector to protect the controller. (See our Accessories Menu).
  • Two Bundles available with a mechanical pressure switch and pressure tank. Choose an 8L tank to avoid pump cycling from drips and leaks.  Or choose a 24L tank for quick use such as toilet flushing, hand washing preventing pump cycling. 
  • Bundled with only a mechanical pressure switch to use with an existing tank or a larger tank. Choose option with just the pressure switch and then shop our larger tanks under our menu option for Pressure Tanks.

Download a Technical Data Sheet here 


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