Horizontal Multistage Pumps - Bare Pumps & with Controllers

Multistage Water Pumps in horizontal configuration, with power consumptions from very small to very large capacity, and available as bare pumps or with fixed speed or variable speed control systems to pump liquids from rain tanks, boreholes, streams or whatever your source to your house, garden, shed, factory, commercial building, dairy shed or wherever you need it to be!  If you need high flow and high pressure water movement then you need a Multistage Water Pump!

This range is for the pump only without a control system. Many of these pumps can be optioned with fixed speed control systems for automatic on/off running.  

These pumps are available with Cast Iron/AISI304 Stainless Pump Body, or full AISI304 Stainless Pump Body. Click the required pump based on performance below, and then select pump body type.  

Multistage Pumps carry a 2 Year Manufacturer's Defect Warranty